Our Youth Advocacy Program groups have each undergone a youth-led rebranding! Read our blog on how youth in these programs have been exploring the power of language and examining the history of harmful language used to talk about marginalized communities. This exploration has led youth to focus on identity building around themes of power, healing, connection and youth. Follow each of them on Instagram and Twitter at @Advocates_4YJ and @Advocates_TYS

We believe in the power of youth voice. Young people are experts on their own lives, and their lived experiences should inform policies that affect them.

Consider supporting our youth and their work by becoming a Youth Advocacy Program Sustainer!

Interested in joining Advocates Transforming Youth Systems or Advocates for Youth Justice? We are currently looking for youth between the ages of 16-22 who have current or previous experience in the child welfare or justice systems and have an interest in using their experiences to improve these systems for themselves and other youth. The deadline is August 31st and all applicants will be called in for a phone or virtual interview and will know if they are starting this fall by the end of September.

To apply, fill out the application electronically:  

Advocates for Youth Justice [must have juvenile justice/justice experience]

Advocates Transforming Youth Systems [must have child welfare/foster care experience]

(Please note that the video below was made before our name change process.)

"How Juvenile Law Center incorporates the youth voice is really important. I feel like I'm on the cutting edge of what's going on as far as advocacy work." - Marcus Jarvis, Advocates for Youth Justice alumnus


Since 2008, Juvenile Law Center’s Youth Advocacy Program has prepared young people to lead advocacy and policy reform efforts in their local communities and beyond. Learn how you can help them grow.

Our youth advocates have led many critical policy changes, from improving access to record expungement to empowering youth in foster care in dependency court. They speak directly to lawmakers and make national media appearances; their resources and tool kits have been used across the country. They have testified at Congressional briefings and met with White House staff.

Our Programs

Youth advocates in Advocates for Youth Justice have tackled big issues in the juvenile justice system. Click to learn more about their impact.

Our program for youth with experience in the child welfare system has empowered young people to advocate for themselves and for systemic reform. 

How You Can Help

Our youth advocates have led critical policy changes in Philly and beyond. Become a Youth Advocacy Sustainer today to support their work!