Youth Advocacy Toolkit

A Toolkit for Building the Field of Ethical, Authentic, & Youth-led Advocacy

This toolkit is designed to provide guiding principles and a framework for developing and supporting youth-led advocacy, using the best practices Juvenile Law Center's Youth Advocacy Program has gleaned over the past 15 years.

Related Issues

Kids do best close to home and in their communities.

The U. S. is the only country that sentences youth to die in prison. We work nationally to abolish life without parole sentences for youth.

Court costs, fines, fees, and restitution hurt youth and families. Justice-related debt pushes youth deeper into the system and keeps families in poverty.

Around 250,000 youth enter the adult criminal justice system each year, despite research showing treating youth as adults does not reduce crime.

Juvenile Law Center advocates for a robust right to counsel for all youth in the child welfare and justice systems.