There are multiple ways to contact us. For general business inquiries, media and press inquiries, and inquiries about events or fundraising, please scroll to the bottom of this page to find the appropriate email contact. If you have a question for our legal staff, we may be able to provide assistance. Please read below and fill out the form to ask your question.

What we can do:

If we can provide assistance, Juvenile Law Center will respond to you via email within two weeks. We may provide resources relating to child welfare or juvenile justice work or referrals to organizations that may be helpful.

For questions related to youth in foster care or in the juvenile or criminal court system….

Before completing the form to ask your question, please note the following:

  • Juvenile Law Center cannot respond to emergency inquiries.
  • Juvenile Law Center does not have the capacity to respond to every inquiry. When a question falls into Juvenile Law Center’s issue areas, we will respond within two weeks.
  • If you do not hear from a member of the Juvenile Law Center staff within two weeks, we are unable to provide assistance.
  • Juvenile Law Center does not investigate child abuse matters. To report child abuse, call your child abuse hotline.
  • Juvenile Law Center does not have capacity to investigate public corruption in child welfare or juvenile justice systems.
  • Juvenile Law Center does not handle child welfare matters related to custody or adoption.
  • Juvenile Law Center does not generally represent individuals in court as we are not a direct legal services organization.
  • Juvenile Law Center cannot offer legal advice regarding specific cases or situations.

To ask a question to a member of our staff, please fill out the form below.


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If you are an attorney looking for support in your case, please do not complete the form above. Instead, please email and include the following information:

  • What you are seeking (This may include: amicus support in your case, support for legislative reform, expert referrals, co-counseling, litigation support, etc.)
  • Relevant deadlines
  • The key facts of the case, including:
    • Who you represent (child, parent, agency) and child or young person’s age where relevant
    • Type of matter (dependency proceeding, delinquency or criminal case, appeal)
    • Court and case caption
    • Other key facts
    • Issue (e.g. fines and fees in the justice system, youth tried in adult court, juvenile sex offender registration, conditions of confinement, older youth in foster care, life without parole, juvenile court records).
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Juvenile Law Center’s response to your inquiry reflects only its opinion and does not constitute legal advice. Neither filling out the form nor our response establishes an attorney-client relationship that is subject to privilege; your communications will not remain confidential. If you report child abuse in the form below, Juvenile Law Center staff may be required by law to report to the state child abuse hotline.


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