Expunging Juvenile Records

Contrary to popular belief, juvenile records do not automatically disappear when you turn 18. Many of our Juveniles for Justice Youth Advocates weren't aware of this fact before joining Juveniles for Justice. Recognizing the importance of this fact, Youth Advocates chose to launch a campaign to educate other youth in the juvenile justice system about the impact of juvenile records and how to expunge, or destroy, them.

Youth Advocates created an informational card about expungement for youth. The card contains information about how juvenile records are expunged; when youth are eligible for expungement; and who to contact to begin the expungement process. These cards will be provided to public defenders in Philadelphia to give to youth, and will also be available at Philadelphia's Family Court.

In addition to creating this card, Youth Advocates met with key stakeholders in Philadelphia to spread awareness about common misconceptions related to expungement to advocate for improved communication to youth on this issue.

Youth Advocates also worked with Philadelphia filmmaker Will Drinker to create an informational video about the importance of expunging juvenile records. Public defenders at the Defender Association of Philadelphia will be using this video in trainings and presentations for attorneys.

If you'd like more information about using or replicating Juveniles for Justice's informational cards on expungement, please contact Cathy Moffa at [email protected].