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Illustration by Christine Ongjoco

Ten months into a deadly pandemic that continues to wreak havoc on society and the economy, a federal relief package bundled

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Susan Vivian Mangold,

Before we kick the door closed on 2020, there were lessons learned and wisdom shared to carry into the new year as resolutions for 2021.

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Jennifer K. Pokempner, Esq. ,

Juvenile Law Center applauds this successful bipartisan effort that will provide vital relief for youth in and leaving foster care

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Marsha Levick, Esq. , Law 360 •

A string of victories in the U.S. Supreme Court between 2005 and 2016 substantially transformed American sentencing laws and policies for children convicted of murder

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Malik Pickett,

Upcoming Meeting

The next meeting of the Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Task Force is scheduled for November 20, 2020 from 1-3 p.m., and can be viewed

Content Warning: Sexual violence, domestic violence, police violence, suicide

I am a survivor of sexual violence. I worked as an advocate for survivors of sexual

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Juvenile Law Center collaborated with over 20 national advocacy organizations to write A Way In For Young People Transitioning from Foster Care, a

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Kodi Baughman, Aubrey Edwards-Luce, Dominique Freeman, Tony Parsons, Keri Richmond,

The child welfare system is expansive - sometimes overbearing - and uniquely complex in the outcomes it can deliver. Equally as complex are the young

IRMA, Wis. (WSAW) - The latest report that monitors Lincoln Hills/Copper Lake Schools' progress in complying with a federal judge’s court-ordered changes found significant improvement

In the few days left before senators head back to their states, they should immediately pass the updated HEROES Act, not only because families need