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Emily Hoerner, Injustice Watch •

Marsha Levick, chief counsel for the Pennsylvania-based Juvenile Law Center which has advocated for shorter sentences for juveniles, said that across the nation this issue

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Scott Bauer, Plainview Daily Herald (AP) •

Karen Lindell, senior attorney at the Juvenile Law Center, said in a statement reacting to the report that while there are "some limited improvements, many

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Emma Cueto, Law 360 •

Marsha Levick, an attorney with Juvenile Law Center, which submitted a brief on Brown’s behalf in her federal appellate case, told Law360 that she

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Natelegé Whaley, NBCBLK •
“Holding them in prison from their 30s and beyond becomes nothing more than punishment and for a retributive purpose."
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Jessica Feierman and Jenny Lutz, USA Today •

At age 15, Eddie Ellis was sent to a juvenile detention center and held in solitary confinement. According to Ellis, “The average day was a

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Angelina Chapin, HuffPost •

Sentencing children to die in prison runs counter to the research about child and teenage brains. Marsha Levick, chief legal counsel and co-founder of the