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Thousands of youth in Pennsylvania are leaving the state’s care without adequate support, a loving family, or the resources and people necessary for them to grow into thriving adults. YFC created a toolkit to change that.
Youth advocates share their recommendations for best practices to providing youth in foster care with connections to permanent family, supportive adults
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Lisa Gartner, The Inquirer •

“The intimidation of youth, parents, staff and family members who try to report abuse is especially damning,” said Sue Mangold, chief executive of the Philadelphia-based 

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Brian Sheehan, CBS 21 •
Tools for Success seeks to have that child welfare professional be able to approach that topic of permanency, and options for transitioning out of care, and having a permanent and stable time in care, by being considerate of the youth's needs.
Jessica Feierman, Senior Managing Director ,

In Timbs v. Indiana, all nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court agreed that states are bound by the protections of the Eighth Amendment excessive

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Jessica Feierman, Nadia Mozaffar, The Baltimore Sun •
A key provision of the legislation would end the practice of charging indigent youth and families for the cost of public defenders or court-appointed attorneys. This should be a no-brainer.
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Mark Walsh, Education Week Blog •
Although the opinions did not directly address the concerns raised about juvenile justice fines, the Juvenile Law Center's brief in support of incorporating the excessive-fines clause cited several examples of youths who faced excessive juvenile justice fines after incidents that began at school.