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Samantha Melamed, •

"Housing young people who are facing adult charges in juvenile facilities would be a really significant step to addressing solitary confinement," said Jessica Feierman, associate

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Jenny Pokempner, The Advocate •

As we approach National Foster Care Month in May, lawmakers — and the citizens they are accountable to — have an opportunity to stand up

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Andrew Cohen, Berkley Law •

The grant will also help PAC co-develop a publicly available, web-based policy hub with the Juvenile Law Center for individuals interested in addressing this issue.

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Susan Mangold, Executive Director,

In one of the latest examples of efforts by the current administration to undo reforms, Attorney General Sessions has announced in a memo to Justice Department attorneys that they must review all “existing and contemplated consent decrees.” This directive calls into question the consent decrees negotiated by the Justice Department with cities and police forces throughout the country to address discriminatory practices and abuses by police.

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commentary by Susan V. Mangold, Lancaster Online •

The decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to forge ahead with federal use of for-profit prisons is dangerously ill advised. Private detention and prison facilities

“We are talking about kids who are caught up in an adult system and are caught up with adult sentencing statutes,” says Marsha Levick, Deputy

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court yesterday reversed and remanded the order terminating parental rights in the case of L.B.M., holding that failure to appoint client-directed counsel to represent the children’s legal interests was a structural error. Juvenile Law Center filed an amicus brief in this case and applauds this outcome. “This case represents a key victory in the state of Pennsylvania for children’s rights,” said Lisa Swaminathan, Staff Attorney at Juvenile Law Center.

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Dylan Deprey, Milwaukee Courier •

Most recently, the ACLU and the Juvenile Law Center have filed a lawsuit on behalf of four teenagers against state officials claiming cruel and unusual