Juvenile Law Center Report: Putting Kids in Juvenile Detention Centers Cause More Harm Than Good

Cherri Gregg, KYW News Radio •

Juvenile Law Center released a report Friday that brings children into the conversation of criminal justice reform, and they want state leaders to know juvenile facilities do more harm than good.

Titled "Transforming Justice: Bringing Pennsylvania’s Young People Safely Home From Juvenile Justice Placements," the report discusses the disparities, abuse and trauma caused by putting children in juvenile detention centers.

"Today we call upon the state to dramatically reduce our reliance on placement and to prioritize serving young people in their homes and communities," said Jessica Feierman of the Juvenile Law Center.

Feierman is one of the authors of the report, which comes six months after the state closed the Glen Mills Schools because of years of hidden abuse. It also comes three months after Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order authorizing a probe into juvenile centers and to find solutions.

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