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Brian Sheehan, CBS21 •

Each year, nearly half of Pennsylvania’s teenagers in foster care age out of the system. Many have nowhere to go. According to Juvenile Law Center, nearly

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Jessica Feierman, Ashley C. Sawyer, Teen Vogue •
In the summer of 1963, a group of girls in Americus, Georgia, refused to accept the blatant discrimination around them. “It was a matter of standing up for what you knew was right.”

Jessica Feierman, the senior managing director of the nonprofit Juvenile Law Center, said policies in some states still haven’t caught up with scientific findings surrounding

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RJ Vogt, Law360 •

 Marsha Levick, co-founder of Juvenile Law Center, says the "incorrigibility" standard shouldn't be news to anyone; she cited Montgomery's holding that "Miller did bar life

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Beth Brogan, NBC News Center Maine •

The ACLU of Maine, Disability Rights Maine, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, Juvenile Law Center, Kids Legal, and the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Juvenile Law Center,
National children’s rights public interest law firm appoints Dr. Tami Benton, Gail Chavis, Rebecca Santoro Melley and Sarah Chubb Sauvayre.
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John Donovan, How Stuff Works •
Do we have no ability to discern a serious situation from a non-serious situation? We've lost our ability to exercise good judgment.
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Bill Hangley, Jr., The Notebook •

Other testimony at the approximately 90-minute hearing in the bills’  favor came from representatives of the ACLU, the Education Law Center, the William Way LBGTQ

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Emma Cueto, •

When we started, we were local. We were really servicing southeast Pennsylvania. We saw ourselves as almost a storefront legal services office.

But over the

Sorenson’s project will address need for accessible and responsive grievance policies for youth in institutional placements.