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Brian Sheehan, CBS21 •

Ishale Watson is currently enrolled at a fifth high school and, at 19-years-old, has yet to earn a diploma.

“It’s real frustrating, because I want

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Eli Hager, The Washington Post •

“These are children in poverty making payments to multimillion-dollar corporations, under the threat of jail,” said Jessica Feierman, senior managing director of Juvenile Law Center,

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Kate Burdick; Reynelle Brown Staley, Education Law Center, Pennsylvania Capital-Star •

Browne’s legislation addresses these issues by ensuring that youth receive targeted supports to overcome the unique barriers caused by mobility and system involvement.

Specifically, this

As organizations dedicated to child and youth well-being and advocates for young people, families, community safety and justice, we strongly urge you to oppose H.R.

The opening plenary session was moderated by Marcia Levick, co-founder of the Juvenile Law Center, who was joined by Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and

This week, the appeal gained some allies, with the Philadelphia-based Juvenile Law Center among those filing a supporting brief.

“We are deeply concerned that this was

What needs to happen to create a world where youth are not locked up in prisons, and instead allowed to work towards their fullest potential?

Her appeal challenges whether she really had the ability to waive her rights against incriminating herself.

"When she said she would give a statement waiving

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Caroline Bach, ABC27 News •

“We are deeply concerned that this was simply not a lawful or constitutional waiver of her rights,” said Marsha Levick of the Juvenile Law Center.

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Stephanie Staudinger, CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee •

Philadelphia-based Juvenile Law Center is backing Morgan Geyser's appeal. Geyser admitted she stabbed a classmate with the help of Anissa Weier. Geyser is currently serving a 40-year