Following Glen Mills Scandal Group Recommends Major Changes

Richard Ilgenfritz, Mainline Media News •

In the wake scandals at Glen Mills and other youth detention facilities in Pennsylvania, a new report out this week is calling on the state to make major reforms in how young people are incarcerated.

The report was issued Friday morning through representatives of the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia.

Jessica Feierman, senior managing director with the Juvenile Law Center and one of the authors of the report, said they are releasing it to convince the state to change how the state handles youth incarceration.

“Pulling young people away from their families and communities is putting them at harm,” Feuerman said. “Young people do best, and communities are safest when we keep young people with supports in their homes, in their schools and in their neighborhoods.”

Feierman’s comments came during a press conference as the report was being released on Friday morning.

About the Expert

Jessica Feierman oversees Juvenile Law Center’s projects and programs. Feierman currently leads a national effort to end fines and fees in the juvenile justice system and is engaged in litigation aimed at eliminating solitary confinement and other abusive practices in juvenile facilities.