Fostering Connections: Law and Legal Resources for Pennsylvania

This section includes federal and Pennsylvania law related to the implementation of the Older Youth Provisions of the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act and Planning for Older Youth.

Two Pennsylvania laws will provide greater opportunities and support to older youth in foster care. Not only will these laws help provide support and guidance for youth who are not ready to be on their own at age 18, but they will also increase the number of youth who leave the system and achieve permanency by extending adoption and guardianship subsidies to age 21 for some youth.

Act 91, which amends various provisions of the Juvenile Act, expands the criteria for youth to stay in care past age 18 and also allows youth to re-enter care before turning 21 if they aged out at 18 or older.

Act 80, which amends provisions of the Public Welfare Code, extends guardianship and adoption subsidies to age 21 for eligible youth who enter those arrangements at age 13 or older.