Project PA: Bill Would Offer Free Tuition to PA Foster Youth; Not Everyone on Board

Brian Sheehan, CBS21 •
Nadia Mozaffar interviewed in CBS21

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There are about a hundred thousand college students enrolled in Pennsylvania's state system of higher education right now. However, for Jasmine Moore, Alexis Andino, and roughly five hundred PA foster youth each year, the opportunity to share in this rewarding and social experience often times feels like an unachievable dream.

"The barriers that we go through in the child welfare system make it harder for us to succeed in areas of school,” Moore said.

"I knew about college, and I had a sense that I wanted to go, but I didn't know how to get there,” Andino added.

About the Expert

Nadia Mozaffar is a Senior Attorney at Juvenile Law Center. Her work focuses on advancing educational rights and opportunities for children in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, economic justice issues, and protecting the rights of young people in the adult justice system.

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