Philly ski mask ban becomes law without Kenney's signature

Racquel Williams, KYW NewsRadio β€’
Philadelphia City Hall

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) β€” A bill to ban ski masks in public places in Philadelphia became law this week.

The bill passed with overwhelming support in City Council in November and Mayor Jim Kenney let it become law Thursday without his signature, citing a high risk of selective enforcement against young people.

Councilman Anthony Phillips was the lead sponsor of the bill and spoke on the day of the vote.

β€œToo many seniors have told me on the way to public places that they have felt unsafe as folks have hid their identities and created a sense of anxiety in the midst of historical crime levels,” Phillips said.

The Juvenile Law Center strongly opposes it.

Staff Attorney Vic Wiener says this bill will potentially cause increased harassment of young Black men.


About the Expert
Vic Wiener was a 2020 Skadden Fellow at Juvenile Law Center and is now a staff attorney. Their fellowship focused on ending the practice of placing youth on sex offender registries. Vic continues to work on youth registration and focuses on other collateral consequences of involvement in the juvenile and criminal legal systems and on decriminalization for young people.