Alabama Sex Offender Registry Is Cruel and Unusual Punishment for Teenagers, Lawsuit Argues

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, The Appeal •

The harm inflicted on young registrants “far outweighs any kind of public safety impact it purports to have,” said Riya Shah, managing director with Juvenile Law Center. “That label of sex offender, it communicates a very false message—that this person is dangerous and you need to protect yourself from them when it’s just not true,” she said.

About the Expert

Riya Saha Shah is a Senior Managing Director of Juvenile Law Center. Riya began her career at Juvenile Law Center in 2005 as a Sol and Helen Zubrow Fellow in Children’s Law. In her role as a Senior Managing Director, Riya serves on the organization’s Management Team and is a leader in Juvenile Law Center’s programmatic justice work. Since the beginning of her legal career, Riya has engaged in litigation, policy advocacy, and amicus efforts to reduce the harm of the juvenile and criminal legal system.