Riya Saha Shah, Esq.

Managing Director

Riya Saha Shah joined Juvenile Law Center in 2005 as the fourth Sol and Helen Zubrow Fellow in Children’s Law. During her time at Juvenile Law Center, Riya has represented youth in dependency court, written amicus briefs, and conducted trainings for child-serving professionals and youth. Shah also leads the organization’s Second Chances initiative, focusing her efforts on juvenile record confidentiality and expungement. She has written extensively on collateral consequences, expungement, and the right to counsel.  Riya was instrumental in Pennsylvania’s successful challenge to the imposition of harsh registration laws for youth charged with sexual offenses.

Riya employs legislative and litigation strategies to implement juvenile justice systems reform at the state and federal levels and is involved in policy advocacy to ensure the child welfare system is more responsive to the needs of older youth as they prepare for adulthood. Riya graduated cum laude from Loyola University Chicago School of Law where she was a Civitas ChildLaw Fellow and Editor-in-Chief of The Children’s Legal Rights Journal.  She is a graduate of University of Michigan Ann Arbor where she earned her B.A. in Psychology and American Culture. Before going to law school, Riya taught second grade in Jersey City, New Jersey through Teach for America, and third grade to bilingual students in Detroit, Michigan.

Articles and Publications

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