Glossary: H

Health Care Proxy

Health care proxy or health care decision maker is a person that you can choose to make health care treatment decisions on your behalf should you become unable to make health care decisions as an adult and you do not have or want a family member to make such decisions.  This is a decision that all adults should think about and make as they get older.  You should talk about designating a health care proxy as part of your transition plan and discussions about your future.  Your caseworker and attorney can help you with understanding and making this decision.

Higher Education Points of Contact

Designated staff at colleges and universities to help students with experience in foster care with admissions and financial aid applications, provide information about on-campus and community support services and resources, and to serve as a general resource. The POC must also assist youth in applying for the Fostering Independence Through Education Tuition Waiver. Pennsylvania law requires Pennsylvania colleges and universities to designate points of contact to assist youth in foster care.