Glossary: F

"Felony Murder"

Although states define this term differently, it generally refers to a death that occurs during the commission of a dangerous felony. A person may be charged with “murder” even though that person did not actually kill or intend to kill anyone during the commission of the felony.

Family Involvement

Efforts made by juvenile justice stakeholders (attorneys, probation officers, detention staff, etc.) to involve the youth’s family in decision-making before and during juvenile justice involvement. This option considers the needs of the family to support their child, and empowers and engages families to play a meaningful role in the juvenile justice process at each stage of a youth’s involvement and at a larger policy and planning level. Family involvement initiatives recognize that the family is often the child’s primary emotional resource and that treatment and services for youth are more effective when families participate as partners and decision-makers.

Family Service Plan (FSP)

A list of goals set by a youth and his/her family to address the problems that lead to system involvement. The plan also explains how the child welfare agency will help the youth and her family achieve their goals. This plan is sometimes called a Child Permanency Plan (CPP).