New allegations of abuse and harsh conditions at youth prisons and juvenile detention centers are brought to light every day. Here are just a few of the stories. 


Crisis at the JJSC

For over a year Juvenile Law Center has been leading a rallying cry in Philadelphia over the conditions that youth have been experiencing at the Juvenile Justice Services Center.

Alarm Bells in Allegheny County, PA

Amid federal lawsuits alleging "a failure to protect children from abuse," Adelphoi will soon begin operation at the site of the defunct Shuman Juvenile Detention Center, a facility with it's own history of negligence and abuse.

Adelphoi sign

Strip Searches All Too Common in New Mexico

At New Mexico's largest juvenile detention center, conditions are abysmal and strip searches have become common practice with one youth reporting "approximately 150 times over the course of her three-year stay in the detention center."