Older Youth in Foster Care Placements

For its 2011-2012 campaign, Youth Fostering Change Youth Advocates focused on improving life within foster and group homes. They developed the Teen Success Agreement to facilitate better communication, collaboration, and goal-setting among older foster youth, foster parents, and social workers. 

The agreement—which would be developed and regularly reviewed by the youth, foster parent, and social worker—requires that they work together to outline age-appropriate responsibilities, rewards, consequences, activities, and life skills for the youth. The agreement also outlines caregivers' responsibilities to support the youth and help the youth achieve his or her goals.

The Teen Success Agreement is modeled after Florida's "Teen Normalcy Plan," mandated by the Florida state legislature, which outlines age-appropriate activities and responsibilities for youth ages 13-17 in licensed care and must be reviewed and approved every 90 days.

Youth Advocates have met with a number of local and state organizations to gather feedback and support for the Teen Success Agreement, including the Philadelphia Department of Human Services; Pennsylvania Council for Children, Youth, and Family Services; Support Center for Child Advocates; and youth from the Achieving Independence Center and Youth Advisory Board.