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Herbert Stevens met Candi Stevens at a local skating rink. The high school sweethearts have been married for over 20 years now, but this otherwise happy love story has a sad twist.

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Editorial Board, The Inquirer •

This week, District Attorney Larry Krasner argued in a brief to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that the death penalty in Pennsylvania is unconstitutional. Krasner’s office

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Riya Saha Shah, Managing Director and Marsha Levick, Chief Legal Officer ,

When They See Us captures the many ways in which our justice system is broken, and the many ways it can break the individuals who

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Riya Saha Shah; Jarrett Adams,

This blog is part of a series Juvenile Law Center is presenting related to Ava Duvernay's newly released Netflix miniseries When They See Us about

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Jessica Feierman; Dr. Shameka Stanford, Howard University,
DuVernay reminds us that “seeing” individuals in the system requires us – and the legal system – to delve deeper and consider a person’s individual characteristics, their history, and their humanity. 

Those of us who represent youth in the justice system recognize it too well—that moment when a teenager falsely confesses because they just want to

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Jasmine, Youth Advocate and Youth Fostering Change Alumna,

This blog is part of a 2-part series celebrating the tenth anniversary of Juvenile Law Center’s Youth Advocacy ProgramStart reading the first part

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Megan Hill, Youth Advocate and Youth Fostering Change Alumna,
I became interested in Youth Fostering Change because I loved the idea of being able to advocate for youth who were experiencing similar challenges while being in foster care.
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Jennifer Pokempner,
Advocating for the Most Connected Placement is a practical tool to ensure that youth are in living settings where they can be connected with family, the community, and a support system.

Yesterday, members of Youth Fostering Change (YFC) and Juvenile Law Center attorneys gave testimony at a special hearing before the House Children and Youth Committee.