We Say "No" to Sanctioned Discrimination

Juvenile Law Center,
Family sitting on the couch together.

Juvenile Law Center strongly opposes the Trump Administration’s proposed rule to allow discrimination against individuals and families seeking to provide loving homes to children in foster care. The proposed rule would allow agencies to receive federal funds but discriminate against LGBTQ parents. The rule also allows discrimination based upon religion.

Over 440,000 children are in foster care and there is a persistent shortage of qualified homes to care for them. Nearly one-third of the children in foster care are in need of adoptive homes. Disqualifying otherwise qualified parents due to their sexual orientation or identity or their religious affiliation deprives children of the homes they need to thrive. Older children in care are particularly in need of permanent homes. Many of those teens identify as LGBTQ and could uniquely benefit from living with parents who identify as LGBTQ.

Publicly-funded discrimination is wrong under any circumstances; discriminating against people who want to provide a loving home for a child in foster care is intolerable. Juvenile Law Center joins with all concerned Americans who abhor the use of tax dollars to fund discriminatory practices and calls upon the Trump Administration to rescind the pending rule.