Tell Your Legislator to Support This PA Senate Bill That Keeps Kids on Track to A High School Diploma

Kate Burdick; Reynelle Brown Staley, Education Law Center, Pennsylvania Capital-Star •

Browne’s legislation addresses these issues by ensuring that youth receive targeted supports to overcome the unique barriers caused by mobility and system involvement.

Specifically, this bill:

  • Designates a point person in school to work with the youth on a graduation plan that keeps them on track, engaged, and connected to necessary supports.
  • Ensures students get academic credit for work they completed at previous schools.
  • Provides make-up and diploma options to help the youth graduate on time.

In pursuit of better policies, Juveniles for Justice and Youth Fostering Change are officially publishing Operation: Education: An Action Kit to Achieve Positive Educational Outcomes for Youth in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems, designed to break down these unfair barriers to academic achievement.

About the Expert

Kate Burdick focuses on advancing education rights and improving outcomes for youth in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Areas of expertise include school stability, special education issues for court-involved youth, educational decision-making, education for youth in facilities, and credit transfer/educational reentry issues.