Raising Pennsylvania's Children Requires Support, Resources And Existing Family Relationships

Megan Harris, Kiley Koscinski, 90.5 WESA Pittsburgh •

As many as 15,000 children are in Pennsylvania's foster care system at any given time, and a disproportionate number are often African-American. How can existing family relationships be better resourced and supported? And how can society better help kids transition from foster care to adulthood? 

Today's guests weigh in, including:

  • Scott Hollander, executive director at KidsVoice;
  • Jennifer Pokempner, child welfare policy director at the Juvenile Law Center;
  • Dr. David Brock, vice president of FACE department with A Second Chance; and 
  • Anne Schlegel, Children, Youth and Families assistant deputy director, who heads up fostering and adoption for the Allegheny County Department of Human Services.
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