Legislation introduced to close Lincoln Hills, Copper Lake youth correctional facilities

Wisconsin Gazette,

“Closing Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake is the right move,” Jessica Feierman, associate director of Juvenile Law Center, said in a press statement. “However, we urge the legislature to cap the total number of secure beds in the state, and to ensure that any new facilities are small, in keeping with best practices in the field. The goal here shouldn’t be to incarcerate more youth, but rather to move youth out of large facilities where they are at risk of serious harm, and either back to their own homes or into the most family-like setting possible.”

“The legislation also establishes a Council on Juvenile Corrections and a Juvenile Grant Committee. These bodies should include system-involved youth and their families,” added Feierman. “Youth and families bring valuable insights into the needs of youth and the approaches that will work.”