Lawsuit Filed Against Glen Mills Following Abuse and Cover-Up Allegations

Brian Sheehan, CBS21 •

A lawyer at Philadelphia-based Juvenile Law Center says new revelations mentioned in that suit claim students were unable to learn.

"I'm talking about having many, many young people all in one room with no live instruction, no teachers, or almost no teachers actually at the school and what we learned from our named plaintiffs, is that they couldn't learn on the computer,” Kate Burdick, Attorney with Juvenile Law Center, said.

"The young people who have been held in the Glen Mills School were subject to a pervasive culture of violence and abuse and a deprivation of education. And that these abuses were allowed to continue unchecked because of failures of our state Department of Human Services and Educational agencies,” Burdick added.

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Kate Burdick focuses on advancing education rights and improving outcomes for youth in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Areas of expertise include school stability, special education issues for court-involved youth, educational decision-making, education for youth in facilities, and credit transfer/educational reentry issues.