I was sent to a youth facility by former Judge Mark Ciavarella in the ‘Kids for Cash’ scandal

Hillary Transue, The Inquirer •

In the winter of 2007, when I was 15 years old, a police officer called my home in White Haven, Pa. to inform me I was being arrested for creating a MySpace parody of my vice principal. The officer told my mother he would charge me with abuse of the internet and internet stalking — both federal charges — unless she agreed not to involve attorneys. Later, I attended an intake meeting with juvenile probation where I was asked deeply personal questions regarding my sexuality, whether I’d tried drugs, and my relationship with my parents.

On the day of juvenile court, I was accosted by a receptionist who expressed annoyance when my mother asked questions regarding a document we were told to sign. Not knowing I was waiving my right to counsel, we signed. We were naive enough to believe our willingness to comply would count for something.