How Young Is Too Young to Be Arrested?

John Donovan, How Stuff Works •

"We know where this is coming from. This fear of what happens when a child acts out in school — that there's going to be some catastrophic consequence — emanates from Columbine. For 20 years, we've been overreacting," Levick says. "I'm not aiming to trivialize schools being so quick to call law enforcement. There are obviously many situations [in which that is] appropriate. But this is one that defies common sense. Do we have no ability to discern a serious situation from a non-serious situation? We've lost our ability to exercise good judgment."

About the Expert

Marsha Levick co-founded Juvenile Law Center in 1975. Throughout her legal career, Levick has been an advocate for children’s and women's rights and is a nationally recognized expert in juvenile law.