Action Alert: Tell NJ Gov. Murphy to Pass SB48/A5586

Juvenile Law Center,
Over-the-shoulder photo of someone dialing a number on a cell phone.

Yesterday, the New Jersey state legislature passed a landmark bill reforming youth incarceration and parole. The bill aims to reduce unjustified incarceration, modernize and improve the parole process, and eliminate fines that can compromise a young person’s future. More objective decision-making standards will help reduce racial disparities among incarcerated youth in the Garden State--currently the highest in the country.

The bill passed by wide margins, but we are not in the clear yet. We need your help today! Please make a call right now to Governor Murphy: 609-292-6000. When you call, say:

"I'm calling to urge Governor Murphy to sign Senate Bill 48 into law. This is a really important bill for young people in New Jersey, and signing this bill will make New Jersey a leader in juvenile justice reform."

After you call, help us spread the word. Please share this on Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends and followers to call the Governor.