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In 2014, Juvenile Law Center published the first-ever, comprehensive evaluation of each state’s juvenile record confidentiality and expungement laws against our standard for best practices

This publication provides a few tips for those working with young people who have experienced homelessness or foster care and are being displaced from their

Year after year, facilities in Pennsylvania are sued or shut down after the horrific treatment of youth in their care comes to light.
Reports & Publications
For their 2018-2019 annual project, Youth Fostering Change and Juveniles for Justice both focused on education issues affecting youth in the child welfare and juvenile
A practical tool for attorneys and advocates to ensure that youth are in the “most connected placements” -- settings where youth can be connected with their family, the community, and a support system rather than group or institutional care.
In 2016-2017, Juveniles for Justice focused on raising awareness about the impact of juvenile justice costs on youth and families, and creating more rehabilitative alternatives
The United States incarcerates youth at more than double the rate of any other country in the world. On any given day, almost 50,000 young
The Price of Justice analyzes statutes in all 50 states regarding the cost of court-appointed counsel, including fees for public defenders. In most states, youth or their families must pay for legal assistance even if they are determined to be indigent. Charging families—especially those living in poverty—for “free” attorneys leads to devastating consequences.
This executive summary provides background information on extended foster care and outlines how we developed the National Extended Foster Care Review—a tool for advocates, policymakers
Every year, 1.5 million youth are arrested across the country. The moment each of these children comes into contact with the police, a record is