Reproductive Rights for Females Who Are Minors in Pennsylvania

Juvenile Law Center,

This fact sheets answers questions like:

  • Do minors need the consent of their parent or guardian to get birth control, pregnancy tests, testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases or HIV?
  • Can a pregnant teen consent to medical treatment?
  • If a teenage girl does not want to carry her pregnancy to term, can she have an abortion without her parents’ involvement?
  • Can a teen’s parent force her to have an abortion?
  • Does the father of the child have any say in whether or not the baby’s mother chooses an abortion?
  • What should a pregnant teen do if she is interested in having her baby adopted?
  • After adoption, can the teen parent have any contact with the child?
  • Can teenagers place their children for adoption without their own parent’s permission?
  • Can a teenager’s parent force her to place her child for adoption?