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Below are key elements of the COVID relief and spending package passed by Congress on December 22nd that impact transition age youth in and leaving
This tip sheet can be used to support students in foster are who are in high school and dealing with the challenges of COVID-19. It

This tip sheet gives youth information about some of the benefits, services, and resources—like SNAP, health care, food pantries, and cash assistance-- that may be

This tip sheet gives youth information about some of the great programs, services, and resources that may be available on college campuses - like food

This tip sheet explains important resources and benefits youth may be eligible for—like extended foster care, re-entry, and Chafee Aftercare—that can provide support as youth

This tip sheet helps you plan for going back or starting college for Fall 2020 while the pandemic continues.

This tip sheet explains why it is important for youth to file your FAFSA and complete the ETG application to get financial aid and be

This is a summary of the Older Youth Provisions of the Supporting Foster Youth and Families through the Pandemic Act, HR 7947, which was introduced

What Advocates and Child Welfare Professionals can do NOW to Help Young People Access the Tuition Waiver for Fall 2020 The Fostering Independence Through Tuition

This is a template letter that can help structure the requests of advocates for state based reforms to support older youth in and from the