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According to Vox, one of these reforms included the the relaxing of mandatory minimum sentencing requirements — requirements which sometimes resulted in nonviolent offenders being sentenced to

The Juvenile Law Center is upset that Saturday Night Live comedian Michael Che made a “crass” joke about a juvenile “lifer” who was recently released

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Marsha Levick, The Inquirer •

Each new revelation about the abuse of children at the Glen Mills facility in Delaware County reminds me of another juvenile justice scandal that rocked Pennsylvania almost

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Brian Sheehan, CBS21 •

Professionals we spoke with tell us this concerns them, because those numbers haven’t improved in decades. When it comes to permanency in foster care, Cathy

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Jessica Feierman, Clarise McCants, USA Today •

The Supreme Court unanimously held last week that the constitutional right to be free of excessive fines applies to the states. While the case addressed fees, fines

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Brian Sheehan, CBS 21 •
Tools for Success seeks to have that child welfare professional be able to approach that topic of permanency, and options for transitioning out of care, and having a permanent and stable time in care, by being considerate of the youth's needs.
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Lisa Gartner, The Inquirer •

“The intimidation of youth, parents, staff and family members who try to report abuse is especially damning,” said Sue Mangold, chief executive of the Philadelphia-based