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Youth advocates share their recommendations for best practices to providing youth in foster care with connections to permanent family, supportive adults
Youth advocates say this underscores need to close Lincoln Hills, Copper Lake and invest in small, community-based alternatives.
Juvenile Law Center applauds the inclusion of language to end this harmful practice at the federal level and urges states to follow suit.
Youth advocates share their own experiences in detention and placement, highlighting abusive practices.
Juvenile Law Center, other advocates join amicus effort to highlight harm and impact of juvenile costs, fines and fees
The Fostering Youth Transitions data brief is the most comprehensive data set ever collected across all 50 states to assess how young people fare transitioning from foster care to adulthood.
National children’s rights public interest law firm underscores how excessive fines and fees put children and families nationwide at risk.
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Juvenile Law Center,

Juvenile Law Center releases groundbreaking report detailing burdensome policies of charging for “free” public defenders in majority of states across the country