Extended Foster Care in District of Columbia


General Eligibility

Court jurisdiction obtained for children in care extends until child becomes 21 years of age. D.C. Code § 16-2303.


It is the agency's practice to allow re-entry of eligible youth.

Courts & Rights

Court Oversight of Extended Care

When jurisdiction of a child is obtained by the Family Division of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, it “shall be retained by [the court] until the child becomes twenty-one years of age, unless jurisdiction is terminated before that time.” D.C. Code § 16-2303.


Eligibility for Extended Adoption Assistance

Eligibility for adoption payments shall continue until the child reaches 21 years of age. D.C. Code § 4-301(e)(2).

Eligibility for Extended Guardianship Assistance

Eligibility for guardianship payments “shall continue during the period of the guardianship order until the child reaches 21 years of age.” D.C. Code § 16-2399.