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Solitary Confinement & Harsh Conditions
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit •
Filed a civil rights suit against the detention center for violating the substantive due process rights of a 13-year-old boy with serious mental health problems by failing to protect him from harm while being detained at the center.
Older Youth in Foster Care
United States District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania •
Class action lawsuit challenging state and county officials’ failure to pay kinship caregivers for their care of dependent children.
Wisconsin Supreme Court •
Challenged the zero-tolerance approach in the delinquency adjudication of an eighth-grade student whose creative writing assignment invoked an unhappy student who cut off his teacher’s head when she told him to shut up.
Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court •
Challenged the presence of armed juvenile probation officers in school buildings.
Older Youth in Foster Care
Pennsylvania Superior Court •
Argued against a per se rule removing a well-cared-for and loved child from a home because of a parent’s drug use.
Access to Healthcare
Pennsylvania Supreme Court •
Argued an appeal in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reverse the criminal conviction of an adult (Hartford) under Pennsylvania’s Interference with Custody of Children Statute. Argued that a parent has no right of "custody" to control abortion decisions and that the prosecution violated the right to choose an abortion, as well as the right to travel to a state allowing abortion without parental consent.
Solitary Confinement & Harsh Conditions
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit •
Challenged the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s Act 53, which assists parents in obtaining treatment for minors afflicted with a drug or alcohol dependency by allowing for involuntary commitment.
Youth Tried as Adults
U.S. Supreme Court •

This appeal raised a question of first impression: Is a juvenile entitled to request a jury trial in juvenile court when 1) the protective features of the juvenile court have been largely eliminated by statutory amendments, and, 2) a delinquency adjudication would lead to automatic adult status upon a next arrest? The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the denial of the right to a jury trial.

Access to Counsel
United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania •
Challenged the lack of due process procedures when a county revoked a juvenile’s probation.