Youth Speakers Bureau

Juvenile Law Center's Youth Speakers Bureau was founded in 2011 to increase youth's voice in improving the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. Youth Speakers Bureau partners Youth Advocates with undergraduate speaking advisors from the University of Pennsylvania. These speaking advisors help the youth develop public speaking and speechwriting skills so they can share their experiences and opinions on the child welfare and juvenile justice systems with clarity and confidence.

Contact Us

If you are interested in having a youth speak at an upcoming event (whether a conference, training, meeting, or other event), please email

The youth in the Speakers Bureau are current members and alums of Juvenile Law Center's youth engagement programs, Juveniles for Justice and Youth Fostering Change. They have had opportunities to speak at various venues throughout the region and state. Since the program's inception, Youth Advocates in the Youth Speakers Bureau have spoken in front of lawyers, law students, Pennsylvania state legislators, child advocates, university faculty, journalists, and other youth. Youth in the Speakers Bureau have:

  • Presented keynote addresses at conferences
  • Served as panelists for audiences of students and professionals
  • Facilitated trainings for youth and professionals
  • Presented at conference workshops
  • Testified at legislative hearings

Youth in the Speakers Bureau draw upon their personal experiences in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. Because the youth in the programs have had a wide range of experiences within those two systems, Youth Speakers are available to discuss a variety of different topics.