Teen Success Agreement

Youth Fostering Change,
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The Teen Success Agreement is a youth-developed (Youth Fostering Change) written agreement that outlines the age-appropriate activities, responsibilities, and life skills for youth ages 13-21 in the child welfare system, and how the caregivers and agency will support those goals. The plan also outlines the house rules and rewards and consequences for different behaviors. The youth, caregiver, and provider agency should meet every six months to discuss, complete, and update this form. 

Completing the Teen Success Agreement will help:

  • Ensure that youth in care have access to the same age-appropriate activities as youth not in care.
  • Ensure that youth and caregivers understand the expectations of the household, as well as any rewards or consequences for meeting, or failing to meet, those expectations.
  • Ensure that youth in care have the skills they need to be successful when they leave care.
  • Encourage open communication between caregivers and youth.