The "Fostering A Smooth Transition for Graduation Bill", introduced as S.B. 324, supports students experiencing educational instability by ensuring access to timely graduation and the full range of educational opportunities. The bill defines “education instability” as one or more school changes in a year due to homelessness, an adjudication of dependency or delinquency, or a court-ordered voluntary placement or custody agreement. Without targeted support, youth who are forced to change schools due to homelessness, or foster care or juvenile justice system involvement, are at high risk of not graduating high school. Senate Bill 324 helps youth experiencing education instability achieve school success through graduation planning, smoother transfer of academic credits, and targeted educational supports.

Download the fact sheet below to learn more about why PA needs this bill and its potential impact. 

About the Expert

Kate Burdick focuses on advancing education rights and improving outcomes for youth in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Areas of expertise include school stability, special education issues for court-involved youth, educational decision-making, education for youth in facilities, and credit transfer/educational reentry issues.