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Pennsylvania is currently considering legislation that will improve the chances of higher education success for students who are or were in the foster care system.
A strip search is a “search that requires a person to remove or arrange some clothing so as to permit a visual inspection of the person’s breasts, buttocks, or genitalia.” Strip searches may also involve “inspections of the scalp, ears, hands, feet, mouth, and nose.” Depending on state law, a strip search can be visual, physical, or a combination of both and may also involve a body cavity search. The best policy is to eliminate strip searches of youth for any circumstance, as is the policy for adjudicated youth in Missouri.
Youth in the child welfare system have health and behavioral health needs that are often greater than youth in the general population. These higher health
Many people believe that “emancipation” is a simple process that allows kids under the age of 18 to no longer be subjected to their parents’
This fact sheet answers questions like: Am I considered to be homeless? How do I enroll in school if I am experiencing homelessness? Do I
This brochure is targeted at youth to inform them of their right to stay in care and re-enter care under Act 91.
This brochure is targeted at youth to inform them of their general rights in the child welfare system.