State v. Reasoner

Zacharey Reasoner was 16 years old when he was charged with two misdemeanors involving a motor vehicle. Pursuant to ORS 419C.370, a statute allowing Oregon juvenile courts to enter an order waiving all cases involving the use of a motor vehicle to criminal court, his case was automatically transferred to the adult criminal system. 

Juvenile Law Center, National Juvenile Defender Center, and Oregon Justice Resource Center filed an amicus brief in the Oregon Supreme Court in support of Mr. Reasoner’s petition for review, arguing that mandatory prosecution in adult court exposes youth to severe consequences. We further argued that ORS 419C.370 disproportionately results in criminal prosecution of Black youth, as Black youth are more likely to be subject to traffic stops and, when stopped, are more likely to be searched and subject to prosecution for motor vehicle-involved charges.

The Oregon Supreme Court denied Mr. Reasoner’s Petition for Review. 



Marsha Levick, Riya Saha Shah, Lindsey Smith


Tiffany Faith, Marissa Lariviere