People v. Paredes

Efrén Paredes was initially sentenced to mandatory life without parole (LWOP) for an offense committed when he was fifteen years old. Mr. Paredes was resentenced twice, first pursuant to Miller v. Alabama, and then pursuant to People v. Taylor. In both instances he was resentenced to LWOP despite substantial evidence of rehabilitation.

Juvenile Law Center and Michigan Center for Youth Justice filed an amicus brief in the Michigan Supreme Court, urging the Court to grant leave to appeal and clarify that neuroscientific and developmental research mandate a categorical bar on LWOP for youth. Our brief argued that the Court has previously affirmed the importance of adolescent development research to understanding the legality of extreme sentences for youth. Our brief further detailed the many instances in which lower Michigan courts have imposed LWOP without adequate consideration of youth and its attendant circumstances, further necessitating a categorical bar on LWOP for youth. 



Marsha Levick, Riya Saha Shah


Tiffany Faith, Marissa Lariviere