Commonwealth v. Blount

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John Blount originally received a mandatory life without parole sentence for a crime he committed as a youth. Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions in Miller v. Alabama and Montgomery v. Louisiana, holding such mandatory sentencing unconstitutional, Mr. Blount was resentenced to 35-years-to-life despite the Commonwealth’s offer and Defense’s acceptance of a negotiated 29-years-to-life sentence based on the exceptional rehabilitation Mr. Blount has demonstrated during his 28 years of incarceration. 

Along with the Defender Association of Philadelphia, Juvenile Law Center filed a brief in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania arguing that imposing an additional six years on a juvenile lifer at resentencing is excessive where the court found credible evidence that established that the juvenile had been rehabilitated. We further argued that it is unconstitutional to impose a mandatory lifetime parole tail on all juvenile lifers being resentenced.