Katy Otto, MSA

Director of Communications
Katy Otto Headshot

Katy Otto joined Juvenile Law Center in 2016. With a background in communications, development and government relations, she is responsible for the organization’s overall messaging strategy and implementation. She is passionate about youth justice, and committed to ensuring that the public learns about the challenges facing youth in the child welfare and justice systems. Prior to coming to Juvenile Law Center, Katy worked at a number of organizations dedicated to social justice issues – reproductive health and rights, sexual violence prevention, intimate partner violence prevention, homelessness, and veterans’ issues. She has also worked with arts organizations as both a staff member, consultant, and board member. Katy has a BA in Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a Master's in Nonprofit Management from Trinity University in Washington, D.C.

Katy has played drums in touring bands for over twenty-five years. She has run an independent record label Exotic Fever Records for twenty-four years. She freelances occasionally as a cultural/music writer and has taken part in panels nationally on music as a vehicle for social change. She serves on the Board of Directors for both the girls' rights organization Girls Justice League and Philadelphia experimental theater company, New Paradise Laboratories.


Photo Credit - John Arroyo of Photography Without Borders