Fostering Successful Youth Transitions in PA: Laying the Groundwork for Change through Law and Policy Reform

Juvenile Law Center, Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children,
PA capitol building in Harrisbug, PA.

Being connected to family and having their support is pivotal to youth trying to make a successful transition to adulthood. Of the 8,639 youth ages 14 and older in the child welfare system in Pennsylvania, 49% are aging out on their own without the support of family. This puts youth at a great disadvantage as they leave the child welfare system and enter adulthood, putting them at risk for challenges and poor outcomes, such as homelessness, reliance on public assistance, and connection with the justice system. 

Urgent action is needed to truly provide youth in the child welfare system with what they deserve and need – and what the law requires – to ensure that they are ready to make a successful transition to adulthood.

This FAQ provides recommendations for law and policy reform aimed at improving and enhancing the planning and services provided to older youth and the systems of accountability for service delivery and outcomes.

Juvenile Law Center is pleased to co-release this FAQ in partnership with Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children (