Anahi Figueroa-Martinez

Youth Advocacy Program Fellow

Anahi completed four years in Advocates for Youth Justice (A4YJ), as a youth advocate through Juvenile Law Center’s Youth Advocacy Program and graduated from the program in 2019. She remains on as an active alumnus. Anahi also serves on the Youth Steering Committee as a youth advocate representative from Advocates for Youth Justice with the Care, Not Control Coalition working to end Youth Incarceration in the state of Pennsylvania. She is also a certified Community Health Worker. Anahi has worked on various issues, and contributed to multiple publications as a member of A4YJ some of which include Another Chance: Youth Perspective and Recommendations to Create Positive Alternatives to Imposing Costs, Fines, and FeesBroken Bridges: How Juvenile Placements Cut off Youth from Communities and Successful Futures. She was recently selected to serve as a youth advocate on the John Hopkins University Youth Advocates for Research in the Justice System Committee. She is also an intern with Drexel Universities Healing Hurt People and completing her certification for a Community Peer Specialist. Anahi plans to continue her career in advocacy with a focus on working with children and wants to attend college for political science.