Listservs for Professionals

Juvenile Law Center operates several free listservs to help foster discussion among and provide information for attorneys and professionals about issues facing youth in the foster care and justice systems.

Child Advocacy Listserv

This listserv is for lawyers who represent children in dependency matters in Pennsylvania.

Resumption of Jurisdiction Listserv

This listserv is for child welfare professionals, lawyers, paralegals, and advocates to discuss how to implement the Resumption of Jurisdiction Provision of Act 91 in PennsylvaniaClick here to join this listserv.

Juvenile Life Without Parole Listserv

This listserv was created in response to the United States Supreme Court's ruling in Miller v. Alabama and Jackson v. Hobbs, holding that states may no longer impose mandatory life without parole sentences on juveniles under the age of 18 convicted of homicide crimes. The listserv is designed to provide resources, updates, and technical support for attorneys representing individuals in Pennsylvania who were sentenced to life without parole as juveniles. To join, please email

National JJ/Ed Listserv

Juvenile Law Center is operating this free listserv to facilitate the exchange of information among professionals who promote education success for young people in the juvenile and adult criminal justice system. These professionals include but are not limited to lawyers, public policy advocates, local and federal agency staff, and educators.

Juvenile Law Center will use this listserv to provide updates on promising practices, policies and laws, and related training opportunities.