Implementing Act 1

A billboard that says Act 1 with a picture of a teen graduate in blue cap and gown with two thumbs up and smiling.

Act 1

On Monday, May 10th, we partnered with Education Law Center to host a webinar educating the community on how to effectively implement the newly passed Act 1.

Act 1 (24 P.S. § 13-1331.1) was enacted January 2022, and seeks to remove educational and graduation barriers for students who experience “education instability” due to homelessness, foster care, involvement in the juvenile justice or court-ordered placements. These students often face barriers to fully participating in school and timely graduation, due lost or unrecognized credits or a student’s inability to take a course required by their last school. Act 1 of 2022, which is effective immediately, seeks to address these barriers.


The 'Implementing Act 1' Webinar

This webinar provided an overview of the Act’s requirements and discussed:

  • How Act 1 can help eligible 12th graders now even if they are behind in credits
  • Identifying eligible students for support under Act 1
  • Designating a Point of Contact to ensure that eligible students receive the benefit of Act 1
  • Facilitating prompt transfer of education records
  • Ensuring students are in the right school and courses
  • Ensuring that students receive full and partial credit for all previous work
  • Waiving local graduation requirements
  • Developing a Graduation Plan
  • New diploma options.



  • You can watch the full webinar along with the presentation here
  • You can download the PowerPoint from the webinar below. 
  • Please visit ELC's website as well where you can find a host of advocacy tools