Getting a Job with a Juvenile Record in Pennsylvania

Juvenile Law Center,

If you were arrested or charged with a juvenile offense and adjudicated delinquent, you may have a juvenile record that employers can see. Some juveniles (those charged with more serious offenses) have records that anyone, including employers, can see.

If you had your record expunged, you should check to see if it was removed by contacting the Pennsylvania State Police Registry.

A criminal conviction is not the same as a juvenile adjudication of delinquency. So, if an application asks if you were ever “convicted of a crime” you can answer “no” if you were only ever adjudicated delinquent. See the chart below for more. The law says that an employer can only consider an adjudication or conviction if it relates to whether you are fit for the position you are applying for. For example, they can refuse to hire you as a pizza delivery person if you had an adjudication for a drunk driving offense.