General Eligibility

Youth may remain in placement with the Agency until age 21 “while continuing to work on further education, job skills, or due to a disabling condition.” SOUTH CAROLINA DEP’T OF HUMAN SERVS., HUMAN SERVICES POLICY AND PROCEDURES MANUAL 832.01.01(2).


Eligibility & Procedure

Youth between ages 18 and 21 may return to care within 12 months of leaving, pursuant to Department policy. SOUTH CAROLINA DEP’T OF HUMAN SERVS. FORM DSS-30206.

Courts & Rights

Court Oversight of Extended Care

Whenever the court has acquired the jurisdiction of any child under seventeen years of age, jurisdiction continues so long as, in the judgment of the court, it may be necessary to retain jurisdiction for the correction or education of the child, but jurisdiction shall terminate when the child attains the age of twenty-one years.” S.C. Code § 63-3-510.


Eligibility for Extended Adoption Assistance

"Child," for purposes of South Carolina Adoption Supplemental Benefits Act, means an individual up to twenty-one years of age. S.C. Code § 63-9-1720.

Eligibility for Extended Guardianship Assistance

South Carolina does not offer guardianship assistance for youth of any age.